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For the purposes of this blog I call myself Mojave because of my love for the Mojave Desert. I have lived in the Yucca Valley area of the Hi-Desert since 1976, I have always loved our Mojave Desert. My appreciation for the Mojave has grown even more over the years. I am a Career & Technical Education teacher and coordinator at the high school level as well as a part-time college instructor. I also currently serve on the Town of Yucca Valley Planning Commission. In my spare time I enjoy researching desert facts, exploring the desert, geocaching and enjoying the many animals that keep my wife and I very busy.

UPDATE 9/28/2014: Gram Theft Burrito or Gram Theft Byrd – You Decide?

Parsons at Joshua Tree

UPDATE 9/28/2014 This particular blog about Gram Parsons has been interesting to say the least, intended to only be one story has now turned into three.  After I first wrote the first leg of this story about a year later I got the crime-scene-photo from a friend, then I updated this blog with the pixelated […]


I Love the U2 Album “The Joshua Tree”, Do U2? Let’s Trek Across The Mojave And Find Out About Their “Harmony”

Back Album Sleeve

This blog, The Mojo on the Mojave is about things that are located or happening in the Mojave Desert, part of this story lies outside the Mojave’s reaches but we will touch on the entire bus trip that the Irish rock band U2 took before they released the album that was destined to be called […]


Non-Native (and a few native) Mojave Desert Flora

Coast Redwood

It is spring time in the Mojave Desert and  it is time to plant trees and bushes.  In my almost 40 years living in the upper reaches of the Mojave Desert above 3500 feet, I have tried to plant many things.  The biggest obstacle to my success of my non-native vegetation was planting a tree […]


The Beginnings Of Great Mexican Food In The Mojave Desert

First Del Taco

This blog entry might seem a bit unusual even for me but the subject hit me as I sometimes drive around the southwest, so here we go, hometown food establishments in the Mojave Desert that made it big. Del Taco:I have always noticed that there are lots of Del Taco fast food restaurants around and […]


92268 – Pioneertown – aka: Pappy and Harriets

Pioneertown - 92268

Zip Code 92268, Pioneertown California sits at just over 4000 feet in elevation on the edge of the Mojave Desert at the base of the San Bernardino Mountains where Joshua Trees meet Pinyon Pine, Manzanita and Juniper.  Black bear, deer, bighorn sheep, coyote, fox and desert tortoises all intermingle in this area.  I have seen […]


The Bizzarre Official and Unofficial Story of Gubler Orchids

Chris Gubler

It sure sounds a bit bizarre but if I were to say “Let’s head out to the Mojave Desert and look at all the great world class orchids that are available” what would you say?  Well as bizarre as it sounds it is true, you can take part in this exact scenario today by visiting […]


Is That Rain That I Smell?

Wild & Watered Creosotes

Waking up the other morning to the smell of rain, well actually the smell of Larrea-Tridentata was so invigorating.  After my lifelong obsession with this botanical wonder I think that it is time to blog about it.  Being that this bush, commonly known as the Creosote Bush is one of the most common plants of […]


The Hot Dry Swampy Days of Summer

Swamp Monster

Why do we live in this confounded hot desert?  First of all this desert, the Mojave Desert, especially in its higher elevations is not so hot compared to many other deserts.  I sometimes laugh to myself when those of the Los Angeles Inland Empire area or the California Central Valley think that us folks in the […]


I Have Always Driven By And Wondered What Is Up There – Old Woman Springs Ranch

The Large Lake With Island

Most people that drive up Highway 247, also known as Old Woman Springs Road, between Yucca Valley and Apple Valley have said “I Have Always Driven By And Wondered What Is Up There” as they look to the southwest and see what looks like a few trees in the distance and a sign that says Old […]


The Hub of the Morongo Basin – Yucca Valley

Ribbon Cutting

Yucca Valley is strategically placed at the crossroads of the Hi-Desert, at the intersection of two state highways that lie at the center of this Mojave Desert Town.  On Saturday, October 13 Yucca Valley saw its first new park open in 39 years, the new park is a yet to be named dog park.  As I […]


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