It’s a Lensbaby, Baby


I have to admit it, I love my Lensbaby. I know it is probably not logical to “love” an inanimate object, so I suppose I should qualify my original statement. I love what my Lensbaby can do and how it affects an image and yes, how it inspires me. The ghost town of Rhyolite (above) […]


The Photo Essay


When I first started shooting seriously back in the darkroom ages, my goal was to be a photographer whose work made a difference. By exposing injustices or social ills, the work would be a key to understanding those issues and lead to solutions to tough problems. It was a rather grandiose idea. But I was […]


Intimate Landscapes: Macro Photography


“Slowly, quietly, I crawled on my knees over the rocky desert pavement in the Eastern Mojave Preserve in Southern California, trying not to disturb any wildlife. I was decked out in my signature hunting gear (stained, tacky khaki pants and a decrepit T-shirt), and the latest in knee pads from Wal-Mart (because the key word […]


Build yourself a planet

planet bnsf_siberia2

Photography is largely a solitary sport. It is rarely done in a team setting. There is the photographer, a camera and object that is being photographed. Occasionally, there is an assistant. It can also be very serious, after all, if we aren’t just making snapshots, we are trying to create Art, with a capital “A.” […]


A passion for the rails

Rail fans watch a container train roll by near a crossing in Caliente, Calif.

I have been photographing trains, I think, forever. I remember taking a snapshot, with my dad’s old camera, of a big black train tearing by while I was still in high school. There is this adrenaline rush, a natural high as the train passes; horns screaming, crossing bells going off, the ground rumbling. Did you […]


It’s not a brand new bag


Several times year I go through my camera bags and replace things that need replacing and clean the bags. It doesn’t do much good to try to keep your gear nice and clean if your camera bag is dirty on the inside. The outside of the bag doesn’t mean much to me. Makes it look […]


Sometimes a notion


In each photographer the spark of creativity is vitally different, each expression unique. Inspiration can come in many shapes and forms. A bug, a face, a landscape, flowing water or flowers can inspire you to pause and think, “yes, this is the time to make an image.” Recently for me, inspiration came in the form […]


Celebrate inspiration


Someone asked me once, “What inspires you to make an image, to get out of the house and go photographing, to think photographically?” The resulting images did not have to be art, but, of course that is a nice result. What is important is that the image was made, the scene captured, the journey taken. […]


Once upon a time

Scrapbook page

When you photograph your family, you are creating so much more than simple snapshots. You are creating a window in time for those who come after. You are creating a visual history of your family. Your images tell a story. By now, I’m certain that you have collected many images from your digital and film […]


Confused to confident: Choosing a new camera

Choosing a camera can be confusing

You are very confused. You’ve taken a quick tour of the big electronics stores checking out the bewildering array of digital cameras and now what? Which one? This is an important decision. After all a digital camera is really a complex computer with a lens and the choice an important one – not your typical […]


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