Grand Canyon, AZ – On Tuesday, March 14, at 4:17 pm, the Grand Canyon Regional Communications Center received a call reporting that a visitor had fallen from the rim of the canyon west of Mather Point.

Park rangers responded to the incident and requested the park helicopter to respond as well.  Staff on the helicopter were able to locate the body of 30 year old Gom Dang, of Ankeny, IA approximately 280 feet below the rim. Due to time of day, rangers suspended the operation until this morning, when they recovered the body via a helicopter long line.


An investigation is being conducted by the National Park Service and the Coconino County Medical Examiner. No further information is available at this time.

Caution: The Top Part of Grand Canyon Trails Have Icy Places

The top of the Grand Canyon trails still have icy and muddy sections. Snow-melt can refreeze overnight. Slip-on shoe traction devices and trekking poles are recommended.

Source: NPS



  1. Walk around the area at outh rim G.C.N.P and people are hopping fences using drones and leaving trash. What happened to the populace that made so many people so thoughtless.


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