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Desert Garden Seed
Starter Kit

Price 16.95

5 to 10 Days
Item - 9055

Start your own desert garden with a variety of classic and unique desert wildflower, plants, and cactus. Each seed packet contains an information sheet that contains planting & care instructions, history and other information about seeds.

This Desert Garden Starter Set includes 12 different desert cactus, wildflowers, and plants. Following is a list of the seed packets included in this set:

Desert Cactus

- Saguaro Cactus "Carnegiea gigantea"
- Cactus Dish Garden (Mixed Varieties)

Desert Wildflowers

-Mexican Hat "Ratibida Columnaris"
- White Prickly Poppy "Argemone Platyceras"
- Penstemon Parryi
- Lupine Succulentus "Lupinus Succulentus"
-Mexican evening Primrose "Oenthera Speciousus"
-Mexican Gold Poppy "Eschscholtzia Mexicana"
-Hummingbird Garden"

Desert Plants

- Ocotillo "Fouquiena splendens"
- Dipper Gourds "Lagenaia siceraria"
- Giant Joshua Tree Seeds "Yucca brevifolia"
- Agave (Century Plant) "Avave palmeri

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