East Cactus Plain Wilderness

Location and Description

The 14,630-acre East Cactus Plain Wilderness is about 10 miles north of Bouse, Arizona in La Paz County.

The wilderness includes the eastern third of the Cactus Plain. It is dominated by an intricate crescent dune topography and dense dunescrub vegetation known only from this area in Arizona. The plant community is unique in its denseness and species diversity.

Recreational opportunities include horseback riding and backpacking trips, sightseeing, photography, and botanical and wildlife study.


From Phoenix, travel west along Interstate 10 to the Vicksburg exit. Drive north to Vicksburg, then northwest on State Route 72, proceeding to Bouse. At Bouse take the Swansea Road north. Roads near the wilderness include Swansea Road on the southeast and a power-line maintenance road on the northeast, which will take you within walking distance of the wilderness boundary.

Nonfederal Lands

All lands within and around the wilderness are federally administered.

Topographic Maps

7.5 minute: Powerline Well

Game and Fish Management Unit 44A

For more information contact:

Bureau of Land Management
Lake Havasu Field Office
2610 Sweetwater Avenue
Lake Havasu City, AZ 86406
(928) 505-1200

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U.S. Bureau of Land Management,
Office of Public Affairs


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