Hassayampa River Canyon Wilderness

Location and Description

The 11,840-acre Hassayampa River Canyon Wilderness is about eight miles northeast of Wickenburg and 48 miles northwest of Phoenix, Arizona in Yavapai County.

The wilderness includes several miles of free-flowing Hassayampa River and its associated riparian habitat. The side canyons and the uplands support chaparral, paloverde and saguaro plant communities.

Recreation opportunities such as extended horseback riding and backpacking trips, sightseeing and photography are enhanced by the diverse topography, scenic character, and size, as well as the botanical, wildlife, and cultural values of the area.


From Phoenix, travel west to Wickenburg via Highway 60 or 74. From Wickenburg, take the Constellation Road north toward the Williams Ranch. Access to the wilderness area is across private land, so please ask permission first. High-clearance or four-wheel-drive vehicles are recommended for access to the wilderness boundary.

Nonfederal Lands

Some lands around and within the wilderness are not federally administered. Please respect the property rights of the owners and do not cross or use these lands without their permission.

Topographic Maps

7.5-minute: Morgan Butte, Sam Powell Peak, Wagoner, Yarnell

Game and Fish Management Unit 20C

For more information contact:

Bureau of Land Management
Phoenix Field Office
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Phoenix, AZ 85027-2099
(623) 580-5500

Information from
U.S. Bureau of Land Management,
Office of Public Affairs


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