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Location / Description

Scottsdale is located in central Arizona, just east of Phoenix, between Carefree and Tempe. It is known for its more than 100 art galleries, craft shops and golf courses. It is a popular retirement/tourist community featuring numerous cultural activities January through April.


Population / Elevation

  • 180,300
  • 1,248 feet above sea level

Weather / Climate

Weather & Road Information: 480-271-5656 Ext. 1010

Scottsdale, Arizona - Monthly Climate Normals
   Year  Jan.  Feb.  Mar  Apr.  May  Jun.  Jul.  Aug.  Sep  Oct.  Nov.  Dec.
 High °F   86  65 70 74 83 92 102 105 102 98 88 74 66
 Low °F   59  39 42 47 53 61 71 79 77 71 59 47 40
 Average °F   62  52 56 60 68 76 86 92 89 84 73 61 53

Camping & RV Parks

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From 800 to1400 AD, the region of cuent-day Scottsdale was occupied and farmed by the Hohokam. More than 200 miles of canals were built to provide water to support their agricultural needs. It wasn't until 1888 that settlers began to permanently establish homesteads in the area. Army Champlain Winfield Scott and his wife were the first family to settle in the region to farm citrus, sweet potatoes and peanuts. In 1896, the first school house was opened and in 1897, J.L. Davis opened a general store with a post office.

The beautiful year-round weather made the town of Scottsdale a prime location for resorts. The Ingleside Inn was completed in 1909 and was one of Scottsdale's first winter resorts; many others followed. Scottsdale continued to grow with the addition of Cavalliere's Blacksmith Shop in 1910 and a cotton gin in 1920. In 1951, with 2,000 residents, Scottsdale was incorporated as a city and the newly elected mayor, Malcolm White, gave the city its slogan "The West's Most Western Town."

Events Calendar


  • Annual Parade del Sol (30 days)
  • Celebration of Fine Art ( starts January 13th)


  • Annual Arabian Horse Show
  • Celebration of Fine Art ( all Month)
  • Indian Artists of America Show Early February


  • Scottsdale Desert Festival

  • Celebration of Fine Art

May: - Annual Choirmaster's Ball

June: - Summer Rodeo Series

July: - 4th of July Fireworks

August: - Annual Bring in the Clowns


  • AZ Quarter Horse Fall Event
  • Scottsdale Symphony Orchestra


  • Western Art Walk Weekend
  • Scottsdale AirFair


  • Dixieland Jazz Festival
  • Thunderbird Balloon Classic
  • Desert Fall Festival of Fine Arts


  • Fiesta Bowl Art Walk
  • The Borgata Farmers Market

Activities and information

  • Walking & Hiking - 40 miles of multiuse trails for hikers, bikers, riders & walkers
  • Biking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • Swimming
  • Shopping
  • More information on things to do
Resources & Nearby Attractions


Cities & Towns

Parks & Monuments

Wilderness & Recreation Areas

  • Carefree/Cave Creek: 25 miles north
  • Tonto National Forest: Adjoins the city.

Historic & Points of Interest

  • Cosanti Foundation: Headquarters/workshop of architect Paolo Soleri. 480-948-6145.
  • Rawhide: An 1800s town recreated with stagecoaches, saloons and even a jail. 480-502-5600.
  • Scottsdale Historical Museum: 480-945-4499.
  • Fleischer Museum: Impressionist paintings and sculpture.480-585-3108.
  • Taliesin West: Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural school/studio. 480-860-8810.
  • The Arboretum at Arizona State University: 5 miles east (Tempe).
  • Boyce Thompson Southwest Arboretum: 58 miles east.



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