Willcox, AZ

Established in 1880

Willcox is located on Interstate 10 halfway between Phoenix, Arizona and El Paso, Texas, approximately 90 miles east of Tucson. Willcox is in the northern section of  the Sulphur Springs Valley which cuts through Cochise County for nearly 100 miles averaging more than 15 miles in width. Willcox was established in 1880 and incorporated in 1915.  Willcox serves as the major trade and service center for agriculture and tourism within the county.

Population / Elevation

4,000 people in city, 11,000 in general area / 4,156 feet above sea level


Weather / Climate

At a high elevation on the eastern edge of the Sonoran Desert, Willcox has a mild, year-round climate.

Willcox, Arizona - Monthly Climate Normals
   Year Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
High °F 77.2 58.3 63.1 69.0 77.1 85.1 94.1 94.2 91.3 88.3 79.3 67.6 58.9
Low °F 41.3
28.0 31.9 37.1 43.9 52.9 62.5 61.2 54.0 41.3 30.7 26.0
Avg °F 59.3 42.0 45.6 50.5 57.1 64.5 73.5 78.4 76.3 71.2 60.3 49.2 42.5
Rain " 12.25 0.95 0.89 0.66 0.24 0.26 0.37 2.44 2.59 1.19 0.81 0.71 1.14



Willcox began as a small cow town and was once known as the "Cattle Capital" of the nation. Cattle are still an important aspect of the economy, and a large livestock auction is held annually in Willcox.

Row crops such as cotton and small grains are significant as well. The diversification of agriculture has resulted in the establishment of apple orchards, pistachio and pecan groves, ostrich farms, grape vineyards and two hydroponics tomato green houses.

A well-established U-Pick-it industry provides fresh produce for all of Southern Arizona and Southwestern New Mexico. There are dozens of U-Pick farms in the Willcox area.  A variety of different fruits and vegetables can be harvested, and has become a tradition for many families to travel to Willcox annually to pick their own fresh produce. Tourists, as well as traveling business people also have an important impact on the city's economy.


There are hotels and motels in Willcox with something for every taste and price range. For more information and a complete list. Click Here. (Rates, availability and reservation online)


Things To Do

  • January: Wings Over Willcox (Sandhill Crane Celebration) - 3rd Weekend
  • February: Miniature Art Show
  • April: Southeastern Arizona Fine Arts Show
  • May: Rex Allen Golf Tournament
  • June: Balloon Festival
  • July: Summer Fest Picnic
  • July thru October: U-Pick Vegetable Fruit
  • September: Magic Circle Bike Challenge - Labor Day Weekend
  • October: Rex Allen Days - 1st Weekend. Cowboy Hall of Fame Induction
  • November: Holiday House
  • December: Christmas Apple Festival - 1st Friday & Saturday

Camping & RV Parks

There are many camping and RV accommodations in and around Willcox. For more information, contact:

  • Willcox Chamber of Commerce
    1500 N. Circle I Rd., Willcox, Arizona
    520- 384-2272

Rex Allen Museum

For more on Rex Allen click on picture

Resources & Nearby Attractions


Cities & Towns

Parks & Monuments

Recreation & Wilderness Areas

  • Rustler Park Recreation Area: 80 miles southeast.
  • Rucker Canyon Recreation Area: 50 miles south.
  • Miller Peak Wilderness: 97 miles west.
  • San Pedro National Riparian Conservation Area: 34 miles west.
  • Cochise Stronghold Recreation Area: 65 miles southwest.

Historic & Points of Interest

  • Cochise Center & Museum 520-384-2272
  • Rex Allen Museum and Theater: 520-384-4583
  • Willcox Cowboy Hall of Fame: 520-384-4583
  • Historic Downtown and Railroad Avenue: 520-384-2272
  • Cochise Lake Bird Sanctuary: 520-384-2272

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