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Nearby Attractions

Wahweap & Halls Crossing marinas
are 90 miles apart by water across Lake Powell,
but 232 miles apart by paved highway.

(All mileages below are paved highway miles)

Cities & Towns

From Wahweap Marina
From Halls Crossing Marina
Page, AZ: 7 miles east. Page, AZ: 222 miles southwest.
Jacob Lake, Arizona: 87 miles west. Monticello, UT: 105 miles northeast.
Cameron, Arizona: 90 miles south. Hanksville, UT: 70 miles north.
Kayenta, Arizona: 102 miles east. Kayenta, Arizona: 102 miles south.
Kanab, Utah: 65 miles west. Blanding, UT: 80 miles east.
Flagstaff, AZ: 84 miles south. Moab, UT: 151 miles northeast.

Parks & Monuments

From Wahweap Marina
From Halls Crossing Marina
Grand Staircase-Escalante NM: 25 miles north. Natural Bridges NM: 55 miles east.
Navajo National Monument (UT): 92 miles east. Monument Valley TP: 113 miles south.
Wupatki National Monument: 120 miles south. Capitol Reef NP: 110 miles north.
Sunset Crater NM: 130 miles south. Canyonlands NP (Needles): 67 miles northeast.
Grand Canyon (North Rim): 131 miles southwest. Canyonlands (Island): 190 miles northeast.
Grand Canyon (South Rim): 140 miles southwest. Arches NP: 156 miles northeast.

Recreation & Wilderness Areas

From Wahweap Marina
From Halls Crossing Marina
Pariah Canyon Wilderness Area: 30 miles west. Grand Gulch Primitive Area: 32 miles east.
Tuweep Wilderness: 130 miles west. Dark Canyon Primitive Area: 99 miles northeast.
Kaibab National Forest: 70 miles west. Manti-La Sal National Forest: 52 miles east.

Historic & Points of Interest

From Wahweap Marina
From Halls Crossing Marina
Glen Canyon Dam: 5 miles south. Valley of the Gods: 80 miles east.
Lees Ferry: 57 miles south. Mule Canyon Ruin: 60 miles east.
John Wesley Powell Museum (Page) Butler Wash Ruins Overlook: 66 miles east.
Navajo Reservation: 15 miles east. Navajo Reservation: 80 miles southeast.



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