The Desert at Night

Tools That Let You See in the Dark

In the dark, the calm and beautiful desert can seem harsh and difficult to maneuver. The night can be safer and a desert traveler feel more comfortable if they are equipped with a night vision device. ATN Night Vision involves special tubes within devices which amplify what little ambient light there is at night. These tubes also amplify light invisible to the human eye, on the infra-red spectrum to create the brightest possible image to the viewer.

Night view

Applying night vision to the desert environment is as easy a choice as it is a smart one, with a huge variety of night vision devices available that can suit any need, for any price range, and for any consumer. Night vision monoculars, night vision binoculars, and night vision goggles are the best tools for seeing at night in the desert and can provide users with a much safer night in the desert.

Night vision devices can be used to protect oneself against the various desert night predators, such as coyotes or mountain lions. Being able to spot these animals from a distance instead of spotting them when they begin clawing at the outside of your camper or campsite gives you more time to prepare yourself, whether you are getting the tools to defend yourself, or blocking the animal's entrance to your property. Being able to accurately identify a threat makes preparing to deal with it that much easier and far more effective.

animal in the dark

American Technologies Network provides the highest quality and the most fairly priced night vision products on the market, many of which are perfect for the desert environment. ATN night vision devices which thrive in the desert environment include the DNVM4 digital monocular, perfect for someone who needs night vision in the desert on a budget; and the PVS14/6015 night vision monocular, which is available in a variety of pricing options, and comes equipped with lightweight military grade materials. ATN NV optics work very well in a desert climate.

Night vision toolNight vision tool

For those interested in binoculars as opposed to monoculars, ATN also has several night vision binoculars which are well suited to the desert, including the Night Scout series, which is weather resistant. The Night Scout is able to see at very long distances due to its 5x magnification lens, as well as its long range infrared illuminator, which makes even the darkest areas brighter.

In addition to the safety benefits of noticing animals from a distance, ATN night vision products can also be used for animal observation, perfect for observing your favorite creatures of the night at distances far enough so that a jackrabbit or kit fox won't notice you, while creating the illusion that you are just a few feet away from the animal.

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