Chiriaco Summit, CA Airport

Next to George S. Patton Memorial Museum

Text and Photos by Don Grondin

Identifier: L77
N33 39.9 W115 42.6

Remarks: Runway parallels Interstate-10 at this desert truck stop. High terrain north and south of airport. Runway has hill in center that makes it impossible to see the runway end from either end. Windsock is difficult to see and is located between parking ramp and runway, south of the runway on 06 end. General Patton Museum, café, store, gas station and antique store. Busy and noisy truck stop on the interstate highway.

Elevation: 1713 ft
Runway: 06 – 24 Length: 4600 ft
Pattern altitude: 2713 ft (1000 AGL)
CTAF: 122.9 (multicom)
Services: No Fuel or Services

Parking Ramp

Runway 06

Other Airports in the Area
Desert Center

General Patton’s Troops At Roy’s Cafe In Amboy?
George S. Patton Memorial Museum
Joshua Tree National Park
Palm Springs Aerial Tramway
Palm Springs Desert Museum
Living Desert Reserve



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