Coyote's Flying Saucer Retrieval and Repair Service

In-Ko-Pah Mountains

On our recent trip to the desert, we took Interstate 8 out from San Diego through the mountains and came upon an area in the In-Ko-Pah Mountains. We wanted to stop there and check out the famous Desert Tower that looks over the Sonoran Desert.


Exiting onto In-Ko-Pah Park Road we drove parallel to Interstate 8 along the old cracked two lane road. We knew that at the end of that road lay the famous Desert Tower. On the way to the tower, we passed what at first glance appeared to be just a random collection of old cars and campers, with beat up furniture scattered aimlessly about.

I spotted something interesting though; it looked like a small flying saucer! I had to stop to look at that. We pulled over and started poking around. A gritty desert character, who called himself Coyote, and his dog Luna ambled up to talk to us.


Coyote told us he runs a retrieval service for broken down or lost UFOs. His location up high on the hill overlooking the desert allows him to easily spot UFOs in distress. Over time the aliens have learned that he’s able to help them repair their flying saucers and get them back to their planets.

So when the aliens and their flying saucers need parts or help, they check in with Coyote and his flying saucer repair service.

Coyote’s repair site features lots of alien looking creatures positioned inside cars and some campers parked along the way. He also has stickers and little trinkets he gives out to visitors.

Mystery Free Standing Rocks

If you're ever in the area be sure to stop by and take a look at the crazy collection of items Coyote has along the road. He may even come out and talk to you. He has lots of curious stories about aliens and UFOs.

At night he sometimes shows movies on the large rock at the end of the property. Coyote also pulls the boat down the road and fishes for lobsters; the aliens like a good lobster meal. It turns out that the lobsters are really large scorpions. They do kind of look like lobsters.

Coyote thinks there’s a portal to other worlds in the area and maybe the aliens will show him where it is sometime.


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