Desert Christ Park

A Museum of Sculptures - Yucca Valley, CA

The more I explore the Yucca Valley area in southern California, the more interesting people and places I find. There's Giant Rock and the Integratron; there are the geoglyphs – gigantic land art; there's Pioneertown, and much, much more. The main road though the area is Route 62, and if you look carefully you may see a large statue on the hill north of the road a few blocks east of Pioneertown Road.

Antoine Martin, born in 1887, created the statue of Christ and it was dedicated in the park in 1951. Initially Martin had wanted it sited to look over the Grand Canyon. When that was not to be, he found this land in Yucca Valley and proceeded to create more than 35 statues located here, working until his death in 1961. The Christ statue and his other works have stood up to the elements and vandals and still stand today in what is now called Desert Christ Park – A Museum of Sculptures. It's open every day during daylight hours and there's no fee. We visited in January of 2018 and took pictures and a video of the park for

Here are some of the sculptures that you'll see there.

The Children

Christ Preaching

The Woman at the Well




Garden of Olives

The Last Supper

The Tomb

Video of Desert Christ Park

For more on the history of the park see the story - The Little Park That Saved The World From Atomic War? Desert Christ Park


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