We welcome visitors to enjoy Joshua Tree National Park this Fourth of July. Due to excessive heat, drier than normal conditions and high fire danger we encourage you to read the following tips and reminders to ensure a safe and enjoyable holiday for everyone.

– Campfires are only allowed in designated campsites provided with fire rings and you should never leave a fire unattended. No other fires are permitted in the park. If you are a smoker, smoke only on paved surfaces or in an enclosed vehicle and never toss cigarette butts on the ground or out a window. Use an ashtray or carry cigarette butts out in your pack or pocket. If you are using a portable stove, clear the area of grasses or other potential fuels and prevent your stove from tipping over. If you see smoke or fire, note the location and report it to authorities immediately.

– Fireworks of any kind are strictly prohibited in the park. Citations will be issued to anyone found using or in possession thereof. Any fireworks discovered will be confiscated.

– Hikers should be prepared with hats, sunscreen, water, electrolyte replacement supplements and food. Before you go, inform someone as to the area where you intend to hike. Cell phone coverage is not an option in most areas of the park.

– Discarded balloons are an eyesore and a danger to wildlife. Please find other celebration decorations, and remember, even releasing balloons as far away as California’s coastal cities can have an effect as wind currents carry these items into the park.

Have a safe and enjoyable holiday. Enjoy your national parks and public lands.

Source: NPS