A midday visitor.
A midday visitor.

This photo was taken last year.  My mom was cooking in the kitchen and nearly jumped out of her shoes when she saw this critter looking in at her from outside the kitchen window.  It was a baby Screech owl.  My dad was able to get a few shots of the little owl before he headed off to his next destination!

My folks live on a 20 acre ranch in Escondido on the boarder of Ramona, CA.  Their property is all land with huge Eucalyptus trees, palm trees, oak trees and native vegetation.  There is also a waterfall and creek that runs through the property.  This makes it the perfect location to view wildlife.

Over the years we have seen coyote, hummingbirds, Red-tailed hawks, scorpions, rattlesnakes, king snakes, owls, a peacock, bobcats, skunks, racoons, possums, bats, a tortoise and a mountain lion.  We’ve rescued several birds, a baby barn owl,  an adult hawk with a broken wing and a few other baby birds that were either falcons or hawks.  We’ve also taken in a few stray dogs..  Their ranch  survived the Oct. ’07 fires.  It is a magical place full of life.  I’ll share some of their stories in between my road trip articles.  It is always interesting to hear about their daily adventures on Sky Valley Ranch!

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