Marta survived floods and harsh conditions for almost fifty years as her creativity flourished on her stage, and on her canvases. Marta was nimble; she learned to “pivot” — or should we say, pirouette — during times of crisis to ensure her patrons always received the joy of her artistic gifts. Since her passing in 2017, our staff, volunteers, board — and especially you, her patrons — have ensured her legacy would live on. And it has. But, now, we are at a terminal turning point.

It is now May of 2020 and the hotel, café and opera house have been closed for nearly two months. As business has halted, our wonderful and dedicated staff has been temporarily left without jobs and all income has ceased.

Our fixed expenses run between $5,000 and $6,000 per month (including utilities, taxes, insurance, supplies, limited payroll, etc.) The painful reality is that since closure, we have been forced to use very limited reserve funds, which will run out shortly. Any donation at this crucial time will contribute to the cash resources needed to address the immediate future.

So many places, people and organizations are struggling and are in need. If you are in any position to help us financially or just to share this message with others, we will be extremely grateful for your help in getting us over this temporary hurdle.

Please consider a donation through
our current GOFUNDME campaign

At stake is the potential permanent closure of this oasis in the desert where patrons from around the world have come to enjoy and celebrate Marta and the town of Death Valley Junction.

A hallmark of Marta’s character is resiliency. Her art triumphed over adversity with an arsenal of paint-brushes, ballet slippers and dramatic performances from the day she discovered Death Valley Junction in 1967 to her “final bow” in 2017. Her ceaseless creativity is celebrated not only in the Renaissance murals of the Amargosa Opera House but also in the revival of the history of Death Valley Junction itself, the once-thriving home to the Pacific Coast Borax Company and a community of over 300 workers and their families.

Marta Becket’s legacy is truly in peril. Our crystal ball is cloudy but our hearts are full of optimism that we will keep Marta’s vision vibrantly alive with help from friends like you.

On behalf of Marta Becket and her inextinguishable and resilient spirit, thank you for your generosity.

Fred Conboy
Board of Directors



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