Last performances of the season May 1st

After making a trip to see Marta Becket at the Amargosa Opera House in mid-April, I just have to say this is a show worth making a special trip to see, even on such short notice.

May 1 is the last weekend of this year’s season.

Dainty and fragile, Ms. Becket sits grandly on a throne-like chair, brought on stage by a couple of crew members. She delivers a half-hour comedy routine peppered with character portraits and poignant memories of her long-gone partner. Tales which brought me to laughter to tears and back again.

The University Nevada Las Vegas marimba band performance was an amazing revelation. From rock to classical, this group created their own spin on the mighty marimba. A solo by director Dr. Tim Jones using six mallets was — well — simply awesome!

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