swimCool Summer Destinations in Arizona
By L. Bremner of DesertRoadTrippin

Our main Website, DesertUSA.com, has thousands of pages and articles about the desert.  Topics include desert destinations, road trips, plants, animals, things to do and all of the neat places you can visit in the North American desert regions.  I’ve been browsing some of our older pages and found some cool summer trips that I wanted to share with you. This post focuses on locations in Arizona.


Beat Arizona’s Summer Heat
By Gordon Burhop
Originally Published in DesertUSA May ’04

About 100 miles northeast of Phoenix, off Arizona State Highway 87, the Mogollon Rim’s forest of ponderosa pine, pinyon, juniper and scrub oak offers some welcome relief from the summer heat of the Sonoran Desert. Here, in the heart of Arizona’s rim country, 5000 to 6000 feet in elevation, you will discover three communities with considerable charm, the Tonto Natural Bridge State Park with its imposing natural limestone bridge, and the Tonto National Forest’s Fossil Creek Springs Trail with its century-old hydroelectric power plant system. Click here to continue reading about Payson, AZ, Strawberry, AZ and Pine, AZ.

Splash Into Summer At The Colorado River
Lake Havasu and Lake Havasu State Park
By L. Bremner of DesertRoadTrippin
Originally published in Summer ’07

If you are looking for places to stay cool in the desert this summer, consider a road trip to one of the many recreation areas located along the Colorado River. Its 1400-mile shoreline is full of adventure, interesting geological features, breathtaking lakes and a spectacular variety of plants and animals. Click here to read more about Lake Havasu.

Sycamore Canyon Wilderness, AZ
By Christine Maxa
Originally published Jan. ’06

The landscape seems to always be in motion in the Sycamore Canyon Wilderness.  Shadows drift around outcroppings, peaks and spires like ghosts playing hide-and-seek.  Red, orange and cream-colored sandstone walls marbled with pinion, juniper and cypress trees bear deep gashes with stratified buttes topped with unfinished statues sliding imperceptibly toward the canyon’s belly.  Light flares on the cliffs and then evanesces with the whim of the sun.  A stifling quiet swallows up every sound. Click here to read more about Sycamore Canyon.

Visit The Landscape of Sedona, AZ
by Carrie Miller
Originally published Aug ’02

On a map of the red-rock country surrounding Sedona and Oak Creek Canyon in north central Arizona, Schnebly Hill Road looks much like any other meandering drive through the region. But it is, in fact, a lesson in time, an opportunity to explore the geological and cultural history of the Technicolor landscape.

For 13 miles, the road zigzags eastward out of Sedona to intersect Interstate 17, the highway which connects Phoenix to Flagstaff. En route, it ascends through a series of switchbacks up a mountainside, tracking a fault which reveals ancient sedimentary strata—stony layers formed by sand and silt deposited by a primal sea from 330 to 250 million years ago. Click here to continue reading about Sedona, AZ.

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