Yaqui Ridge Trail view NPS photo

Hereford, AZ — The National Park Service (NPS) announces the temporary reopening of the Yaqui Ridge Trail to the international border with Mexico in Coronado National Memorial on December 31, 2021.  

“We look forward to reopening this first “passage” of the Arizona Trail (AZT) this week,” said Southeast Arizona Parks Superintendent Matthew Carroll, “During the spring hiking season, many begin their northward journey at Monument 102 on the US/Mexico border within Coronado National Memorial”  

“Visitor and contractor safety needs required us to close the Yaqui Ridge trail during border wall construction and subsequent make-safe activity,” said Carroll. “Now that contractor activity will be suspended for three to six months, we can safely welcome visitors and AZT hikers back to this section of trail. The NPS appreciates the support of the Arizona Trail Association as we navigate this changing landscape.”   

The Yaqui Ridge Trail was closed on July 13, 2020.  Since January 2021, construction activities have continued sporadically. With the temporary cessation of work on the border road and wall, access to the Arizona Trailhead and Monument 102 can safely resume for the more than 1600 Arizona Trail Association Members and the thousands of trail enthusiasts that hike this route each year. 

Hikers are reminded that areas along the border road east and west of Monument 102 may be unstable and remain closed to the public. In addition, the temporary border closure south of the main park road and south of the Joe’s Canyon Trail remain in effect. A map of the existing closure is available on the website. 

Source: NPS