Author name: Shutterbug

The Zinger Trip 

I had waited and waited all spring for this plant to bloom. (i had not seen it in flower since 2005. ) this is what it was supposed to look like. this year i was hopeful. nice spring rain, lots of leaves.

The Photo Essay

When I first started shooting seriously back in the darkroom ages, my goal was to be a photographer whose work made a difference. By exposing injustices or social ills, the work would be a key to understanding those issues and lead to solutions to tough problems. It was a rather grandiose idea. But I was …

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Sometimes a notion

In each photographer the spark of creativity is vitally different, each expression unique. Inspiration can come in many shapes and forms. A bug, a face, a landscape, flowing water or flowers can inspire you to pause and think, “yes, this is the time to make an image.” Recently for me, inspiration came in the form …

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Once upon a time

When you photograph your family, you are creating so much more than simple snapshots. You are creating a window in time for those who come after. You are creating a visual history of your family. Your images tell a story. By now, I’m certain that you have collected many images from your digital and film …

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