Baby mallard ducks in tow . . .

Desert Living
Wednesday, June 24th ’09

Baby mallard ducks are still waddling behind their mother’s this week.  I’m surprised how they continue to breed this late in the season. I’m sure the ducks are enjoying the unseasonably mild temperatures that we are having this month in the desert.


The ducks flock around the various ponds and streams that meander through the golf course.   A neighbor of mine, fondly nicknamed “the duck lady,” feeds the ducks each night.  They wait patiently outside of her patio waiting for her to emerge with treats each evening.

From a seat on my patio I see the ducks file by on foot in search of food in route to the next shady pond. They don’t seem to be shy. They hesitate when they see me, wondering if I’ll stand up and throw them some food. After a few seconds they continue on their way. They have a good home that is safe and comfortable. How lucky they are!

For more information on Mallard Ducks visit DesertUSA’s animals page.

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