A Hike Along The Bear Creek Oasis Trail
By David Wood

Just before Thanksgiving we hiked the Bear Creek Oasis Trail.  This is located behind the La Quinta Cove.  Depending on what source you look at, its about 8-9 miles round trip.  The hike out to the oasis involves winding our way up and along  the edge of a canyon, looking down at some great stuff.  The altitude gain is about 2000 ft or more.  At some points we could see the Salton sea, the windmills by Palm Springs, Palm Desert, etc., all at the same time.  We took lots of water, food (its about a 5 hr round trip), and flashlights because it was getting dark as we returned.  We saw evidence of where bighorn sheep bed down for the night.  The trip out is mostly uphill, and the way back downhill.  Its a great hike.