Thirsty honeybees are present in large numbers at the Cholla Cactus Garden and Keys View. They are attracted to moisture.

During hot weather, honeybees need water to cool themselves and their hives. ey are attracted to any moisture source, including human perspiration.

When visiting these areas, turn off car AC 10 minutes before arriving to allow condensation to dry. Keep vehicle windows closed.

Bees are active in some locations; take precautions:

  • „  Keep your car windows rolled up.
  • „  Use caution when exiting or walking near your vehicle as moisture from car air conditioners attracts bees.
  • „  Keep water, drinks, and food inside your vehicle.
  • „  Don’t swat at bees; they may become agitated and sting you.
  • „  Listen for buzzing and stay away from hives and swarms.

If you are stung:

  • Seek shelter in a closed vehicle or leave the area.
  • Remove the stinger by scraping it out with a ngernail, knife, or credit card.
  • Apply ice, if available, to relieve pain and swelling.
  • Seek medical attention if breathing is dif cult or you are allergic to bee stings.
  • Call 909-383-5651 or 911 for ranger assistance.

Read a story about honey bees and water: “With my notebook and canteen, I climb to the top of one of the sandstone mounds to watch the sun go down and write in my journal. The bee comes at first in wide circles. Initially I give him no more than an uneasy suspicious glance, but the circles get smaller and smaller until he is very close and I get nervous. ‘Buzz off,’ I tell him, and when he doesn’t obey, I abandon the mound, grumbling. I walk up a natural pathway through the mounds, looking for another space to claim. But the bee comes with me.” Read more…


Source: NPS


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