Tucson, AZ – On Tuesday, February 13th, a visitor bicycling in Saguaro National Park along the Cactus Forest Loop Drive in the Rincon Mountain District, east of Tucson, was bitten by a fox.

It is unusual for foxes to display aggressive behavior, especially during the day. Because of this reported behavior, there is concern that the animal may have been rabid. After the report, biologists and park rangers attempted to capture the animal to confirm any illness but were unable locate the fox.

According to Chief Ranger Ray O’Neil, “It appears the fox may have approached multiple visitors prior to the incident being reported to park officials. If any visitor has come into direct contact with this fox, or any animal acting strangely, they should seek immediate medical care, without delay”.

Park staff will continue to monitor the area in attempt to locate the animal. Visitors to Saguaro National Park and other surrounding areas should be aware of multiple cases of rabies being reported in the months previous, and take precautions to not come into contact with wildlife

Please report any unusual or suspicious animal activity in the park to park rangers using the Park Watch number: 1-800-637-9152

For more information about rabies in Arizona, https://www.azgfd.gov/w_c/research_rabiesnew.shtml

Source: NPS


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