Here is the latest information on the rivers in Canyonlands NP


Green River nears bankfull and continues to rise.

White Rim Road Closed on West Side
The west side of the White Rim Road is currently impassable due to flooding in Upheaval Wash. The road has been closed to motor vehicles from the southern base of Hardscrabble Hill to the park boundary, making a complete White Rim loop impossible. The Hardscrabble, Labyrinth and Taylor campsites are not accessible.This closure applies to all traffic Рincluding motorized vehicles, bicycles and pedestrians.

High water typically lasts from mid-May through mid-June.

The current flow forecast?

As of May 24th, there is a 75% chance the following levels will be reached:

Colorado River: 42,000 cfs
Green River: 46,000 cfs
Cataract Canyon: 88,000 cfs
(cfs = cubic feet per second)

High water affect river trips?

  • Boaters will experience swift, unpredictable currents and cold water (40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit). This elevates both the risk of capsized/flipped boats as well as hypothermia for anyone caught in the water. Top-heavy canoes are especially vulnerable to strong eddy currents. Life jackets should be worn at all times.
  • There will be fewer campsites. Look for trails and openings in the vegetation leading to camps above the high water line. Consider joining other groups in camp. Do not make new campsites by destroying vegetation.
  • Travel times will be faster. Carry a map and check your pace. There will be great demand for campsites between the Confluence and Spanish Bottom.
  • River flows can change dramatically overnight. Secure boats using strong rope and permanent anchor points (e.g. trees, large boulders). Camping on islands is not recommended.
  • The road to the Mineral Bottom ramp may be flooded at flows above 30,000 cfs. If this occurs, vehicles left at the Mineral Bottom parking lot will be stranded until the water recedes.


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