Clean-up Continues After Heavy Rains at Joshua Tree


Staff continues clean up of roads and facilities at the park caused by heavy rains Friday night and in the early hours of Saturday morning October 13th. Pinto Basin Road is closed and probably will be for the next couple of days. Cottonwood Campground and Visitor Center are closed as well as access in and out of the park through the south entrance. All dirt roads are currently closed throughout the park. While the west entrance remains open, park officials are not recommending going in or out of the west entrance while debris is being cleared in the area. Electrical power is currently off at Black Rock. For current conditions or further information, call 760 367-5522.

October 13, 2018: Last night’s storm caused major road damage in and around Joshua Tree National Park. Power and internet services are out in many park buildings and multiple closures are in effect due to severe flood damage. Rangers will be on duty to answer questions, but some visitor services facilities will be closed until power is restored.

All dirt roads in the park are closed. In the Cottonwood area, inbound and outbound roads, the visitor center and campground are all closed. We anticipate that the Cottonwood area will be closed for clean-up for several days. Our road crews are working hard to assess and improve road conditions. Be prepared for muddy roads if traveling on open roads in the park.

Source: NPS


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