zpointFeatured Destination: Death Valley

By L. Bremner of DesertRoadTrippin

Death Valley is recorded as the second hottest place on Earth.  It also contains the second lowest point in the Western Hemisphere at Badwater , which is 282 feet below sea level.  The park area is dusty, desolate and known for its extreme temperatures.  Death Valley is a destination filled with lore, unusual points of interest and many trails to explore.  Ballarat,  a once active mining town turned ghost town, is located in Death Valley and the grave of Seldom Seen Slim, it’s sole resident for more than 50 years.  Death Valley is where Scotty’s Castle was built, on a mountain in the middle of nowhere.  The Park is also home to the Racetrack Playa where you can view the infamous moving rocks.

There are many strange and unusual places, things and happenings in the area of Death Valley.  The stories, the places, the animals and the people are all extraordinary to survive such a place.  That is what Death Valley so interesting. With approximately 770,000 visitors each year, the 7th largest national park in the U.S. is one our favorite desert destinations.

Below is a list of the many articles DesertUSA.com has published over the past 12 years about Death Valley.  Our authors have covered various points of interest, off-road trails, the history of Death Valley and much more.

Death Valley Park Pages

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Ballarat Video Tour

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Seldom Seen Slim (former resident of Ballarat)

Shorty Harris (Ballarat)

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Death Valley’s Titus Canyon

Titus Canyon – A sport utility adventure

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4-Wheeling The Lippincott Mine Rd.

Death Valley Winter Washout (DesertUSA) – El Nino winter rains have DesertUSA correspondent AR Royo swimming instead of mountain biking in Death Valley National Park.

Death Valley Trip (DesertUSA) – A trip into the Death Valley area from the west, with pictures and good links.Death Valley’s Telescope Peak.

Hiking Death Valley National Park, A Guide to its Natural Wonders.

Hiking Western Death Valley, Panamint, Saline and Eureka Valleys.

Piercing the Heart of the Panamints via Goler Canyon

Salt Flats of Death Valley

Borax and the 20-Mule team in Death Valley

Furnace Creek Inn at Death Valley

Mosaic Canyon in Death Valley

Ridgecrest, CA – Gateway to Death Valley National Park

Rhyolite, NV Ghost Town

Las Vegas and Death Valley, A Three Day Adventure

Author of Hiking Death Valley Book – Dr. Michel Digonnet

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