Day Trip To Anza-Borrego In Search Of Wildflowers
Desert Dog’s  First Trip To Anza-Borrego

Feb. 11th

The Anza-Borrego Desert State Park Rangers predict the peak wildflower season will occur between the last week in February and the first two weeks in March.  They expect the season to be bursting with color after all the rain the Park has received.  If you plan to visit Anza-Borrego or any of the other desert parks the three week window from Feb. 22nd – March 14th will be the best time to go.

Today the DesertUSA Staff took a short day trip to Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.  Jim brought Desert Dog (aka Salida) along for the ride.  She is a desert rescue dog that wandered into a friends ranch.  DesertUSA has adopted her and she is now our mascot. We thought it would be fun to take Desert Dog on one of our day trips so she could explore the desert trails with us.

When we arrived in Borrego Springs Desert Dog was eager to get out of the Jeep and to explore the area.  We were scouting for early blooms in our favorite wildflower locations.  As we walked the trails near the entrance to Coyote Canyon, Hendrson Canyon Rd. and several other location, Desert Dog helped us find a few early blooms.

There was evidence of the recent rain in many areas.  Everything looked green.  Clark Dry Lake was filled with water.  This was a sight to see as it is normally bone dry.  Many RV’s were parked near the Lake taking in the good weather and views of the surrounding desert mountains.  One of the peaks had snow on it which creates even more contrast with the desert landscape.

Only a few sand verbena were in bloom.

An ocotillo bloom.

It is still too early to see any wildflowers.  We did find a few sand verbena blooming, but only a few spots of color. The Ocotillos along the S22 have started to bloom, but they still need a little more time as well.  I only saw a few yellow, Brittlebush in bloom along the 86S on my way into the park.  The Desert Lilies have started to grow and several had buds, but no flowers yet.  It is still early, so wait a few weeks before you head out to see the the desert in bloom.

As the season progresses you can view fields of fragrant, purple carpets of Sand Verbena along Henderson Rd.  Our Wildflower Reports have more details on the best areas to view the wildflowers.  It also has an online wildflower guide (that you can download to an iphone or ipod and take with you to the park).

For more detailed wildflower reports please visit DesertUSA’s Wildflower Updates Page.

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