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In 2016 I started photographing animals using a trail camera designed to photograph animals in the wild. The toughest part of getting great shots was finding a good location to set-up the cameras. After a bit of trial and error, I discovered a couple of locations where animals come to drink or forage for food in the creek.

Most of my photos and videos are taken in an Oak woodland area in a rural part of San Diego County (semi-arid region). There are two different watering holes that I have staged with trail cam equipment. During the past few years I’ve catpured images of wild turkeys, mountain lions, birds of prey and a variety of other critters.

I post the photos and videos on several social media profiles where you can follow me and see what wild animals pass by the trail cam. DesertUSA is setting up gallery page for the trail cam images. It will be linked to this page as soon as it is live.

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– Jim Bremner Jr., DesertUSA

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