DesertUSA’s Rockhound Guide

DesertUSA’s Rockhounding Guide

Rockhounding Destinations

Rocks, Minerals & Geology Index
Collectible Rocks and Minerals
Hunting for Meteorites
Fossil Hunting in the Yuha Desert
Clapp Spring Tube Agate – Palo Verde Mountains, CA
N. Black Hill Geode Beds – Imperial County, CA
Black Agate Thunderegg Mine – California’s “Colorado Desert”
Black Agate Hills – California’s Colorado Desert
Cinnamon Geode Beds – California’s Colorado Desert
Hauser Geode Beds – Wiley Well District near Blythe, CA
Potato Patch Thundereggs & Geodes – Wiley’s Well Rockhound District CA
Thundereggs at Rainey’s Well – California’s Colorado Desert
Thundereggs at the Straw Beds – Wiley’s Well Rockhound District, CA
Collecting Kyanite – California’s Colorado Desert
Limonite Cubes – McCoy Mountains Near Blythe, CA
Rockhounding in the Southern Palen Mountains
Rockhounding and Treasure Hunting at Granite Gap, NM
Rockhound State Park, near Deming, NM (Opal, Jasper, Geodes and more)

Rockhound Books:  The Gem Trails Guides (AZ, CA NV, UT, NM, CO, OR, TX, WA)

Lost Gold Mines & Treasure Stories

Lost Dutchman Mine – Superstition Mountains, AZ
How We found the Peralta Treasures:The Lost Dutchman 
The Search For The Real Facts About The Lost Dutchman
The Peralta Stone Maps: Lost Dutchman Mine
Peralta Stones Are Fakes
Pegleg’s Lost Gold Mine – Near Borrego Springs, CA & Ocotillo, CA
Pegleg’s Gold Found?  
Lost Dutchman Mine Found?
New Evidence About the Lost Dutchman Mine
The Lost Gold of the Tumacacori – Tuscon, AZ
Gold Fever
The Lost Horse Gold Mine – Joshua Tree National Park

New book on the Lost Dutchman Mine

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Gold: A Precious Metal
Gold in the Desert: Gold Overview
Where to Find Gold
Where You Can Prospect for Gold and Other Rocks & Minerals Legally
Gold in Ocotillo Wells, CA
Tumco/Hedges/Ogilby: California Gold Mines & Historical Towns
Looking for Gold in Arizona’s washes
Crystalline Gold: Finding The Mother Lode
How to Search For & Find Lost Gold

Learn How to Pan for Gold

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