Christopher Myers Horse

One of Christopher Myers’ Horse Statues

DesertX 2021 continues through May 16th, with exhibits ranging from a circle of words created by planters on the grass lawn at Sunnylands in Rancho Mirage, by Ghada Amer to a “monolithic wall comprised of stacked forms impregnated with cements, soils, and dyes specific to each region” by Zahrah Alghamdi on Pierson Boulevard. Christopher Myers’ “The Art of Taming Horses” places sculptures at six locations along Tahquitz Canyon Way depicting a story of a Mexican rancher and an African American rancher who shared a love of raising horses. Nicholas Galanin’s “Never Forget” features the words “Indian Land” in a style echoing the Hollywood sign in Los Angeles and can be seen North of the Palm Springs Visitors Center at Tramway Road.

Several artists’ works appear to be pending; DesertX’s website states that on Judy Chicago’s smoke piece, “We are disappointed that Judy Chicago has chosen not to move forward with a new location for this project, but we respect her decision” and on Felipe Baeza’s mural, “This work will be on view soon. Stay tuned.”

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