The infamous Phil Kaufman will be at Pappy and Harriets and the Joshua Tree Inn next week for those that would like to meet him, this is the Flyer for his visit.  I hope to see you there  🙂

Mr. Phil Kaufman AKA “The Road Mangler” contacted me because he wanted to see the exact site where I had found the rock that was identified to be a few feet from Parson’s cremated remains.  Mr. Kaufman is a real gentleman. He had a motorcycle accident a few months ago at the age of 80 years old with a right ankle fracture, multiple rib fractures and a thoracic spine fracture which required a metal rod to be implanted in his spine, and still he actually showed up to take this picture with my wife and myself.  It was a moving moment seeing him ponder the days gone past.  Thanks Phil for including me in your memory, it was an honor.

Mangler Finding the Rock in the Desert
Mangler Finding the Rock in the Desert




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