A search is currently underway for a 76-year-old, white, male. His vehicle was found at the Quail Springs Day Use Area parking lot. Joshua Tree resident, David Sewell appears to have left the Quail Springs parking lot headed for an unspecified location in Johnny Lang Canyon. Rangers found his abandoned vehicle around 8 pm Saturday evening. A note was found in the silver, Honda Odyssey stating that he was departing at 8:45 am Saturday morning on April 21 and if he was not back by Sunday, April 22, he would need assistance. Search and rescue personnel started operations on Monday at 6:45 am. Currently there are approximately 50 searchers, two K-9 teams as well as fixed and rotary wing air support from California Highway Patrol involved in the search.

Sewell’s daughter spoke to officials by telephone and described her father as having numerous health issues as well as being legally blind. Anyone with information is urged to call the tip line at (888) 294-3666.

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Source: NPS


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