. . . my new fitness program.

gg_profileNow that summer has arrived I’ve been playing golf everyday in the early evening hours. The prices are great and the courses are empty this time of year. While golf is a great pastime, I find that I’m not taking enough time for my regular runs and trips to the gym. Golf takes a lot of time to play and the only way to get good at it is to play all the time. I decided to find a way to combine golf with my fitness workouts.

After some thought, I came up with the solution to run while playing golf. My first attempt was this week. I suited up in my running shorts, shirt and shoes instead of typical golf apparel. I teed off from the first hole, replaced my club in my bag and started jogging to my ball. My boyfriend drove the cart and followed along. He seemed to find this new plan amusing, but after 9 holes I felt great and I was playing well too!

My new workout program worked well for my exercise needs. I had plenty of water breaks. Each time I stopped to select my club and hit the next shot, I rested and drank some water. It was a great way to start acclimating to the rising temperatures here in the desert. It also solved my problem of fitting in my workout and playing golf each day.

The idea of running while playing golf is not new. There is a golf game called speed golf (fitness golf or extreme golf) where the player carries clubs while running the entire course. The scores are determined by their completion time and golf score. They normally carry 4 clubs or less. Maybe one day I’ll try speed golf and carry my clubs. It looks like fun, but I’m not sure if anyone else here in the desert is up for speed golf during the summer heat. Not everyone is as crazy as I am!


  1. I am impressed by your creativity! Now I think you should add a yoga pose before each shot as well. : )


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