Both east and west sides of Ivanpah Dry Lake are “CLOSED” for non-motorizeactivities due to recent rains. 8/2/2011

Recreationist throughout the world travel to Ivanpah Dry Lake’s expansive open spaces to play! International championship land sailing competitions, archery, kite buggying, and world championship disc throwing are just some of the activities this dry lake is used for. The lake is located along I-15 at the California/Nevada border (Primm, Nevada). Nearby hotel/casinos, restaurants, shopping mall and golf course makes this a favorite place for wind-powered recreationist and their families.
Ivanpah Dry Lake is open for non-motorized activities only. Free permits are required to access the site for casual users. Any commercial, competitive, or organized group activities required a special recreation permit. Please call (760)326-7000 for more information.


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