January 3, 1882 – John Carr defeated John Clum for mayor of Tombstone.

January 4, 1881 – A committee headed by George Parsons substituted John Clum for another candidate after he withdrew from the mayor’s race less than a week before the election. John was elected mayor of Tombstone with 532 out of 697 votes. Ben Sippy kept the City Marshal position in the same election.

January 6, 1880 – Fred White was elected to serve as Tombstone’s City Marshal. He had been serving in that capacity since November 1879.

January 13, 1929- Wyatt Earp died in Los Angeles, California. [Read more about Wyatt Earp]

January 14, 1881- Johnny “Behind-the-Deuce” O’Rourke shot and killed Harry Schneider at Quinn’s Saloon in Charleston.

January 17, 1882- Johnny Ringo challenged “Doc” Holliday to a duel on Allen Street. Deputy U.S. Marshal Wyatt Earp, “Doc” Holliday and Johnny Ringo were arrested. Earp and Holliday by Chief of Police Dave Neagle. Ringo by James Flynn. Holliday and Ringo fined $30 apiece. Earp released.

January 24, 1882- Newly-elected Mayor John Carr issued a proclamation that informed Tombstone residents that Deputy U.S. Marshal Wyatt Earp had warrants for the arrests of “divers persons charged with criminal offenses.”


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