Desert Queen Valley. NPS photo.

Joshua Tree National Park law enforcement rangers are investigating incidents of graffiti that occurred in Rattlesnake Canyon, the Skull Rock Natural Trail, and along Geo Tour Road. Anyone with information about these incidents, or the persons involved, should contact the park’s law enforcement by emailing the chief ranger at

“Joshua Tree National Park belongs to all of us. Using paint or chisels on rocks and trees destroys the beauty we are trying to protect in our parks,” said park superintendent David Smith. “It is our hope that anyone with knowledge of these incidents will come forward so that we can eliminate future problems. It is illegal deface any of the resources in the park.

Joshua Tree officials are asking for help by reporting sightings of graffiti or any other form of vandalism by emailing The park also relies heavily on the efforts of volunteers to patrol areas of the park. Park volunteers help with a variety of essential tasks, including staffing park visitor centers, managing campgrounds, and helping clean up graffiti. Opportunities are available on Most volunteer opportunities are best suited for people who can provide long-term time commitment to the park.

Source: NPS