Saturday, April 20, Tracking in Joshua Tree National Park for Families

This is a half-day course for children from 8 – 13 years and their parent,  grandparent, or guardian. Track alongside experienced trackers and learn to read the landscape like an open book. The desert is not empty if you know how to read the ground!

Saturday, April 20, Drawing with Ink and Clayboard

Discover and explore the beauty and serenity that is found in Joshua Tree National Park in this all day drawing class with award winning artist, Cynthia King.  King will teach you how to capture the details of the desert with ink using both additive and subtractive drawing techniques on clayboard.  Draw and scratch details that you observe onto the board. 

Saturday and Sunday, April 20 – 21,  Night Sky Photography  –  Class Full   Call to be Waitlisted   

If you enjoy photography and are fascinated by the desert night sky, this two-day hands-on workshop is for you! Dennis Mammana will teach participants how to use even the simplest of cameras to create magnificent celestial portraits.

Sunday, April 20, Wildflower Wanderings (late season flora)

Desert Naturalist, Darrell Shade will lead this all-day field class on a tour through the colorful flowers of a desert spring. Darrell will entertain participants with descriptions of the flora, their botanical characteristics, and show how to identify the unique blossoms of the park.

Source: Joshua Tree National Park Assn.



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