Do you do the same thing, the same way, every day?

After a shower, do you dry your hair before your body or the other way around? Does it feel weird if you do it backward?

How about washing your face — before or after you brush your teeth?

I decided I was in a rut and I needed to get out of it. So, I toweled my hair before the body (normally it’s the other way around).

I think that threw my whole day into a tizzy. After that, I wasn’t sure what was supposed to come next. Coffee or cereal first? I couldn’t remember — so I winged it by skipping the coffee and just having cereal. Now I feel really crummy. I have a headache. I need a coffee.

Pants on first or shirt? Try doing it in reverse order. See how you feel. Is your day slightly off kilter?

Now this may all seem rather trivial, but I think we do and say many things without thinking. Rote behavior.

Like the girl at Del Taco. Every time I get a macho diet Coke with lots of ice, the girl at the window says “have a nice day” when she hands me my Coke and change. I usually say, “you too.”

The other day, for a change of pace, I answered, “No, I have other plans.”

That really threw things into a confused state. Poor girl, she didn’t know what to say. I mean, what DO you say to someone who says no, they aren’t going to have a nice day. After I said “no,” she stopped putting the change in the drawer, looked at me as if I had sprouted wings and said, “Oh, OK.”

I wonder what she was thinking.

Then there are those people at counters and such who tell you to “have a good one.”

A “good” what? I figure they mean whatever part of the day is in the present tense. “One” covers all the bases so they don’t have to remember if it is day or night.

The next time you are face to face with someone who tells you to have a good day, tell them you have other plans. Ten to one they won’t even notice what you said.

Speaking of Del Taco — there are a bunch, a gaggle, a flock of multi-colored pigeons that hang out on the roof next door to the Barstow First Avenue location.

Those critters fascinate me. There they sit, occasionally hop-flying to the lower roof of the restaurant. There they sit some more, then fly-hop back up again. All the while they are watching the ground in hopes someone will throw them a bone or at least a piece of lettuce.

Today the pigeons were all on the telephone wires above the building.

Two were sitting by themselves and the rest were watching them.

The bigger of the two, a bright-feathered fellow, was bobbing his head up and down toward a smaller black-and-white creature I figured was a female.

Since head bobbing is a typical courting behavior in many species of birds, I figured the male was putting the make on the female.

Every once in a while the others would sort of look at each other as if to say “what a doofus, she is like, SO not into him.” Then they would go back to watching the pair — probably laying odds on his success.

My curiosity was fueled by this pigeon performance. I did a Web search and found that there are real scientists who spend an inordinate amount of time, and one supposes, an inordinate amount of money, studying pigeon behavior.

I found out a couple of things: No. 1 — Pigeons can mate any time of the year especially if it is warm, and No. 2 — they are monogamous.

So if indeed it was a male pigeon courting a female, he was into it for the long run, not just a one-night stand.

Let’s hear it for the pigeon! Let’s hope he is not in a rut and tries something other than just that silly head bobbing. Flowers might be nice.

Y’all have a good day, ya hear.