Utah has a new video on fishing in Lake Powell.

New on Lake Powell Summer 2011! The Floating Visitor Center be on your favorite beach?  Look for the boat and the Park Rangers on special weekends.



In response to the continued and growing threat of the introduction of quagga and zebra mussels at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, effective Nov 1, 2009, self-certification of watercraft will no longer be an option at Wahweap Main and Bullfrog launch ramps and screening for the invasive mussels by trained personnel will be mandatory for all vessels.

The monitoring of boats arriving at Lake Powell will be a collaborative and on-going effort among the partner agencies and restrictions may be modified as the threat of infestation is monitored. Keeping Lake Powell mussel-free is essential to maintaining the economic and ecological vitality of the resource and surrounding communities and region.

Boaters are encouraged to continue to help stop the spread of invasive mussels by making sure their vessels and boating equipment are cleaned, drained, and completely dry before moving to a new body of water, make sure that any boats being moved from infested waters to non-infested waters are properly decontaminated prior to launching. We ask for your assistance in this effort by calling (928) 608-6301 if you see anyone launching outside the designated hours listed above.

You are required to comply with Glen Canyon National Recreation Area’s zebra mussel prevention program before you may launch your boat on Lake Powell. To remain in compliance with Glen Canyon NRA’s regulations your vessel must be certified mussel free. A mussel free certificate must be displayed visibly in the windshield of your tow vehicle. Recertification is required with each new visit.


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