Borrego Springs, CA: It has been reported that a little black truck has made it safely out of the very large Split Mountain Canyon.  The truck was spotted as far south as Oyster Shell Wash before being seen turning around and returning to Split Mountain Road via Fish Creek Wash.   The driver of the truck was seen alone in the canyon and assisting hikers with their directions and pictures.  The driver was remarkably friendly despite rumors of his personality to the contrary.

Split Mountain Canyon, 11 miles south of Ocotillo Wells, is a winding canyon and gorge in the Vallecito Mountains of Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.  Fish Creek Wash is a dry river cutting through a portion of the mountains.  Besides for high straight canyon walls, the area is also known for its wind caves.  The area is described in more detail by Lynn Bremner at DesertUSA.Com.

The little black truck, easily identified by its dented oil pan and partially crushed tail pipe, was last seen in Orange County.  The truck’s gas gauge was on “E” and the truck, itself, covered by desert dust and dirt.