Mojave National Preserve has announced a detour for a section of the Mojave Road that was damaged by recent rains in the Piute Range near the park’s eastern boundary.

The damage was caused by runoff from a heavy rain storm in early April that eroded a short section of the Mojave Road where it passes along the side of a hill, leaving a very narrow strip on a steep slope. A 13.8-mile section of the Road between Ivanpah Road and Fort Piute has been temporarily barricaded to discourage driving through the spot that is unsafe to use.

This section of the Road has been re-evaluated by park staff, and temporary barricades have been placed on both sides of the problem area. A 29-mile bypass route is recommended for visitors with plans to drive the Road. The bypass leads drivers along power line roads to Lanfair Road and reconnects with the Mojave Road just north of Cedar Canyon Road.


“We welcome all visitors to Mojave National Preserve during the National Park Service Centennial year,” Superintendent Todd J. Suess said. “However, we encourage everyone to enjoy the Preserve in a safe way.”

Drivers are also advised that at some point after the erosion occurred on the Mojave Road, unauthorized repairs were made by unknown users. Driving through this section is not recommended.

NPS will be evaluating options for repairing this part of the road in an effort to reduce the effects of future storm damage. No date has been set for completion of the repairs.


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