A mountain lion attack occurred on February 5th in the Chisos Basin area of Big Bend National Park. A six-year-old boy received non-life-threatening injuries during the attack.

Once the report was received, park rangers closed the high Chisos Mountain trails into the area at approximately 8:00 a.m., February 6th, and began patrols for the animal. Additional park personnel began patrols to notify trail users of the closure and to evacuate the area. A trained, professional dog team has been summoned to the park to help track the lion; however, at this time the lion has not been located.

Trail and campsite closures include the Window Trail, which is closed until further notice; the Pinnacles, Boulder Meadow, and Juniper Flat campsites of the Chisos Mountains are closed until further notice. Children are not advised to hike in the Chisos Mountains at this time and visitors should check on trail closures, which may change.

The trails and campsites listed will remain closed until further notice. For updates or additional information please call the park at 432-477-1107.

Source: NPS


  1. I’m so sorry this young child was injured. However this is a park containing wild animals and these things will happen. We’ve cut down the amount of habitat for so many animals that once roamed freely that I’m surprised more incidents like this don’t take place. Closure of the areas is a good idea. This child and his family were lucky. Look at the bicyclists in California and hikers that have been killed over the years by mountain lions. When in nature, people must be prepared. I think people should be permitted to carry firearms for protection when in parks like this in case such an attack takes place. In so many parks, carrying a firearm is illegal. It’s an invitation to predators to attack and eat you. That’s what they do. How would people be seen any differently by an animal than any other prey, with the exception that there are more people and they can’t move as fast as most animals? I hope this child heals quickly and isn’t traumatized by this event, keeping him and his family from continuing to enjoy the wonders there are to see in this great country of ours.

  2. I agree – enjoy – be careful and prepared – it’s their small home – share it safely – Hopefully the M Lion won’t be killed

  3. Frankly I don’t think carrying firearms into these areas by anyone that doesn’t have a whole lot of training in their use. There are just too many opportunities for hitting the person or child under attack. Cougars seek out the lone individual, and take them by ambush usually from the rear. I know the indivdual, hiker, cyclist or runner often prefers solitude in the back country, but that’s just not practical in lion country. And after all it is why most people go to wilderness country; to see & photograph wild animals from a safe distance. Travel in small groups & keep small children close.


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