The Apache Junction News reported January 17th, “Local author and 26-year treasure hunter Rick Gwynne …[discovered] … on Wednesday, Jan. 5: two clothed skeletal remains near Yellow Peak and Second Water Trail. According to Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office Public Information Officer Jeff Sprong, the remains are in the process of being identified. However, Gwynne is convinced that they are two of the Utah treasure hunters missing since July 6.”
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In addition, reported that a third body may have been found. They stated, “Curtis Meriworth, 67; Ardean Charles, 62; and Malcolm Meeks, 51; were last heard from on July 6 when they told family members they would be back in 4 days or less. The men apparently entered the wilderness with very little water and without camping gear. Two of the three had reported medical conditions, and temperatures in the Arizona desert in July climbed above 110.”

From the condition of the bodies at this point, it is believed that the men may have died of hypothermia.

Source: Apache Junction News,


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