A wildflower bloom near Hemet in 2017.  David McNew/Getty Images Author Headshot
By Priya Arora

Good morning.

With spring in full swing, and the idyllic super blooms like the ones that took place in 2017 still in people’s minds, you may be wondering how the state’s wildflowers will fare this year.

For now, with drought conditions returning, there won’t be a super bloom this year, said Casey Schreiner, founder and editor of the website Modern Hiker. But that doesn’t mean that flowers aren’t blooming at all, of course.

“Things are still blooming all over California and will be for months and months,” Mr. Schreiner said. “You’re just not going to get those picture-perfect fields of endless California poppies, most likely, this year.”

Mr. Schreiner said […] DesertUSA.org […] includes information on nearby states as well, but also keeps track of blooms in Joshua Tree National Park, Death Valley and the Mojave National Preserve, to name a few.

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Source: NYTimes