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Things To Do In The Desert
By L. Bremner of Desert Road Trippin’

One of my oldest desert memories is of my dad taking our family rock hounding.  We would hunt for geodes, fossils, agate, rose quartz crystal, tourmaline, fire opal, jade and of course gold.   In the early years we would go to the Kern River with a dredge and look for gold while we camped along the rivers edge.  The Hauser Geode Beds were very memorable because we looked for two days to find the location of the geodes and when we discovered them we pulled out a bucket full.  It is so nice to be rewarded when you search so long for something!

pp-3geodejpgWe’ve been to many places over the years, but there are a few that really stand out in my memory.  I’ll share those locations with you and link to a few others that authors have written about on  Some locations are easy to find and others, like the Hauser Geode Beds, much more difficult.

If you go rockhounding, you should pick up some books in DesertUSA’s online store. We have an excellent selection of guide books, rock and mineral books and maps.  The Gem Trail Series is one of the best sets we’ve used.  You can buy the set which includes books for multiple states or you can buy just the state where want to rockhound.

Arizona Locations

Desert Gold Dust In Arizona

California Locations

The Hauser Geode Beds

Cinnamon Geode Beds

Potato Patch Thunder Eggs – Geodes & Nodules

Opal Hill Mine

Oyster Shell Fossils – Yuha Basin

McCoy Mountains Limonite Cubes

Clapp Spring Tube Agate

Southern Palen Mountains – Quartz crystals

New Mexico Locations

Rockhound State Park

For more information about rockhounding, rock collection sites and gold prospecting visit’s Rockhounding pages.

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  1. Hi, I love hiking in the desert around Palm Springs and I am always looking for areas where one might look for gems, precious minerals and geological wonders like thunder eggs.
    I haven’t been aware of any trails or sites that allow the general public to look for and collect the above items and I don’t want to overstep my rights in such a beautiful desert area.
    Can you advise on where one might explore for such treasures? thanks, Chuck

  2. If you go to DesertUSA’s page on rockhounding here you’ll find lots of locations that permit collecting:

    Here’s a few you might check out:

    Black Agate Thunderegg Mine
    Clapp Spring Tube Agate
    Black Agate Hills
    Cinnamon Geode Beds
    Hauser Geode Beds – BLM
    Opal Hill Mine – Fee

    Thanks for your comment, and wishing you good collecting!

  3. Really cool site, I’ve really enjoyed reading this post. If you ever get out to Washington state you should check out Hansen creek. There’s a really good site at Hansen Creek Crystals. One of the best places I’ve been to lately.

  4. Chuck do you go out past Desert Center to the prison Head South past the prison and there’s tons of rock great Rock hunting there you can actually Camp there and everything


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