Tucson, AZ – A six year old boy was bitten by a dog on the Douglas Spring Trail on Sunday, March 3 at approximately 4:00pm. National Park Service staff is attempting to locate and identify the dog and the dog’s owners.

The family of the six year old encountered two people with dark, brindled, shepherd type dog along the trail on Sunday afternoon. Reports indicate that the child reached towards the dog and was bitten on the hand.  The family then took the child to Tucson Medical Center. The staff at the medical center informed the family that unless the dog could be located within 10 days and the owner could provide proof of vaccination records, the child would need to undergo prophylactic treatment for rabies.

The park is attempting to locate the dog’s owners to secure vaccination records to avoid medical treatment for the child, if possible.  According to Chief Ranger Ray O’Neil, “we are hoping the dog owners will come forward and prevent this boy from having to go through unnecessary and expensive treatment.”

Anyone with any information that could lead to the whereabouts of the dog and its owners, please contact park rangers at (520)733 5129.

Source: NPS


  1. I doubt anyone will come forward with info. Dogs (leashed/unleashed) are not allowed on the Doug Springs trail. These folks would rather some kid go through the painful shot series then get in truoble with the NPS.


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