Hey,baby. No one puts snowshoeing in the corner!
OK. I took artistic license with that quote but trust me and I will take you to a world no downhill skier or snowboarder would want to go. You wont get a rush going fast because you don’t but you will see sights that will amaze and delight you. Its a sport that is cheap to get in to. There are numerous sites you can visit. We choose Tubbs. Good equipment and very reasonable. We did not put tennis rackets on our feet!  Then all you need are a pair of jeans, a parka, a pair of gloves and you’re good to go.  Our first trip this winter was to Cedar City Utah and Brian Head, a resort just a short distance from the  town. This is the place to go for any type of winter activity you might enjoy as it is not crowded like other big name resorts.  Our first day turned out to be a short day as a huge fog bank rolled in. It was so foggy people were being escorted down off the ski lifts. Visability zero.  We trudged on for a while before we just had to come in. Our second day up on the mountain could not have been better. Bright sky and puffy white clouds greeted us. It was so warm we shoed without parkas and gloves.  To top off the day our trail lead us to a view of Cedar Breaks Nat’l Monument. This was a very special treat as the main road which goes through the monument is closed in winter. “You can’t get there from here” as they say. The only way to have been able to view it was by shoeing to it!  It was a sight well worth the effort.  We hope to make another trip to a different location this season before the snow melts. Southern California winters don’t stick around very long. Maybe Mammoth. Thats

Northern California!



  1. So glad you enjoyed “shoeing” in our neck of the woods! We’re having a fantastic snow year and an abundance of Bluebird days, so glad you were able catch one during your visit.


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