The Mikly Way at Joshua Tree. Photo by W. Pacholka/

The Milky Way at Joshua Tree. Photo by W. Pacholka/

If you are looking for something fun to do on a Saturday night, check out one of the “star parties” at Joshua Tree National Park.  Once a month on a Saturday night close to the new the Andromeda Stronomical Society hosts a “star party” at Hidden Valley picnic area in Joshua Tree National Park.  The program begins shortly after dark and lasts for about 1.5 hours.

Society members give a short presentation about astronomy and show guests how to view the planets and stars through their telescopes.  There are plenty of telescopes set-up all focused on a different area of the sky.

The star parties are family oriented and provide a great way to spend a Saturday night.  You can camp at one of the nearby campgrounds in Joshua Tree or just drive in for the party and head home afterwards.  The best part about the Star Parties is that they are free.

Meet at the parking lot on the right fork of the road into the picnic area at Hidden Valley.

For a star party schedule or more information about Joshua Tree National Park, please visit their website: