Location: Photo taken along S-22 at mile marker 31 in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. People walking from parking area down into fields of sand verbena and desert sunflower.
Location: Photo taken along S-22 at mile marker 31 in Anza-Borrego Desert State Park. People walking from parking area down into fields of sand verbena and desert sunflower.

Escondido, CA, March 14, 2019There is still plenty of time to experience the 2019 Super Bloom.  If you haven’t had time to venture out to view the wildflower displays, you are in luck.  The peak of the super bloom is expected to extend through the end of March and into April in some areas.

Jim Bremner has been tracking the desert wildflower season for the last 20 years for DesertUSA.com. He has some advice on where to view the best wildflower displays and the approximate timing of the peak bloom in the most popular locations.

Bremner says “Anza-Borrego Desert State Parkis one of the best areas to view the desert wildflower displays. If you plan to go out this weekend you can experience some spectacular color and blooms along S-2 at the Carrizo Badlands Overlook. Di Giorgio Road just before you reach Coyote Canyon has fields of flowers in full bloom. The entrance to Coyote Canyon is still in full bloom with a good variety of wildflowers. Along S-22 between mile marker 31 – 35 there are large areas in bloom with purple sand verbena dominating the scene.”

Other areas in Southern Californiaare heating up with color after the recent rain.  Reports coming into DesertUSA indicate that Lake Elsinoreis close to its peak bloom and is exploding with gold colored poppies.

Carrizo Plain National Monument, locatedin San Luis Obispo County, is another area expected to have spectacular fields of flowers over the next couple of weeks,” says Bremner.  He added “Diamond Lakein the Hemetarea should be really good in the next couple of weeks.”

According to visitor reports and ranger updates, there are currently abundant displays of wildflowers blooming along Cottonwood Springs Rd. near the south entrance to Joshua Tree National Park. Most other places in the Mojaveand Sonoran deserts such as Joshua Tree National Park and the Mojave National Preserve will experience a later wildflower season. Picacho Peak State Park in Arizona will be above average this year and is an excellent place to view the colorful desert in bloom.

Current Wildflower Reports …
For the most up-to-date information on where the wildflowers are blooming and what to expect, check out DesertUSA’s Wildflower Reports.  People from all over the Southwest submit their wildflower photos, a description of what they saw and the locations they visited to DesertUSA.com.  The reports are kept current and are one of the best resources available about where to view the wildflowers. Google map locations are added to all of the reports, so people know right where the photos were taken, making the best areas to view the blooms easier to find.  DesertUSA.comalso has a Wildflower Field Guide to help identify flowers by color and description.

Wildflower Reports

Wildflower Field Guide:

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